No good deed goes unpunished…

I said to my wife the other day concerning something that we saw or heard about on TV or from somewhere, “No good deed goes unpunished.”  She didn’t understand what I was talking about, having not heard that phrase used before.  I explained to her that sometimes it feels like the more good you try to do and the more you try to help others; the more you are taken advantage of or your good intentions and help are misconstrued by others in some convoluted way as a bad or a negative thing and they get offended.

This has  happened to me many a time since moving to New Orleans six years ago.  I came down here from Kentucky, where believe me the people are much nicer, and this has happened to me more times in six years here than in the 38 years that I lived up there.  I’m beginning to believe there is just something in the drinking water, or the liquor, down here that just makes certain people here disagreeable, miserable and generally unhappy with themselves.  So that when you try to be nice to them, give them a compliment, hold the door for them, smile at them, tell them they look nice today, offer them your seat, etc. they interpret your gesture of kindness through THEIR  misery clouded lens of perception and assume that your actions must in some way not be wholly altruistic but deviant and malicious.

I know, I should just move somewhere else if I don’t like it here, everyone else her thinks it’s a grand place, lots of culture, good times, very eclectic, etc.  And I probably should and probably will move away from here when I can as I have learned you can’t change people, especially ones who enjoy being miserable.  But until then I will probably just shut the hell up, just nod my head and smile at them and move on in life.  They won’t make me angry, mad or anywhere or anyway as miserable as they have chosen to be…



2 thoughts on “No good deed goes unpunished…

  1. I understand your sentiments. I am a “helper” and I was born in Kentucky. I help in small ways like
    opening doors, or taking out the neighbor’s trash, shoveling snow for others, etc. Here in Kentucky thoughtfulness and courtesies are becoming lost. When I help someone in public, at the store, let’s say…they seem genuinely thankful, but really shocked at the same time. I love the “Random Acts of Kindness” Movement we’ve seen lately.

    Now to your Post…..You are right, you can’t change the attitude or character of the folks you are living among! Get your butt back to Kentucky, where you belong. We need more “helpers” like you and I ! 🙂

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