Political name calling…

I have about 3500 or so friends now on Facebook.  I know, sounds a bit crazy to say the least, and probably is, but I Manage the MoonShyn Band and my wife, Tracey Anne-Jolie’s, singing career and I want to reach out to as many people on Facebook as I can that might be potential fans and listeners for the Band, so I will befriend an albino squirrel on there if I think it will help the Band, or my wife, out in some way!  Otherwise, I probably know about 500 of the people on my page and probably only regularly correspond to 200 of them… that’s all a guesstimation (new word I just created) of course.  I digress!

I hate my computer! Damn cursor jumps all over the damn place, erases whole paragraphs and sentences… Argh!!!

Yes, the political name calling thingy I was trying to type about before…

Until recently, I never really had analyzed the concept of the swing voter or the undecided vote. Yes, I know what the terms mean and how they are used in context, etc. I guess I just never gave much thought to whom exactly these terms represent among the American People.  Enter Facebook!

Facebook has allowed me an opportunity to discover who these swing voters very well might be by also allowing the “Bleeding Heart Liberal” Democrats and also the “Radical Right Wing Conservative” Republicans to post with an incessant fervor and tenacity their strident, and very frequently derogatory, Status Updates concerning their political leanings! And boy o’ boy does it sometimes get brutal!  Which readily then presents to me who the Swing Voters are not!

Myself, I am a Libertarian.  I believe that to mean that on Social Issues, I am fairly Liberal and believe people should do what they want with themselves and their property, etc. as long as they are not hurting or infringing upon other people or their rights and that the government should leave us alone as much as possible.  Also, on Government Fiscal Issues, I believe the government should take as little of my or my fellow citizens money as is necessary and spend it very thriftily to provide the bare minimum services necessary for our government, and the Nation, to survive.

Now I know that is not a popular view to be held by me from my Liberal Friends, who seem to me to base their view of what government should be and do on their emotions rather than on a specific guiding principle, e.g. “There are starving people in America and we can’t have that so the Government should give them money for food.” But again, I digress to a degree!

These Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Republicans are not going to vote for anyone else except who is running for office from their party! That is just the way it is.  Write it down, it is in the books!

It is the more Conservative Democrats, in the South and Midwest that would be blue-dog Democrats, and the more Liberal Republicans, e.g. people with views like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, as well as the Moderate vote that the Candidates must pander to.  Of these three groups I can see, and do see, the Conservative Democrats, also called Reagan Democrats, crossing over and voting Republican if they feel the Democratic Candidate is too Liberal.  And I think the same could be true concerning the Liberal to Moderate Republicans, except that if they are so Liberal as to side with the Democrats, they have probably already switched parties anyway.

So we are left with the Moderate Vote!  I believe these to be people who are concerned about Local, State and National Political Issues and who are good, patriotic Americans who really want what is right for our Country to happen to our Country!  These are people who are more concerned though with raising kids, going to school, their local High School, College or NFL Football Team, work, vacation, church/mosque/synagogue related matters, etc.  Yeah, they peek into the Political Maelstrom that rages on the periphery of their lives to check and see what is going on, who is in trouble for what, what’s up with the economy, foreign policy issues, etc. and then pull back out and go back into their own world to again try to manage those more pressing affairs.

Then I feel that a couple of weeks before the elections, these Moderates tune in and start to pay more attention to the individual candidates and some of the pressing issues of the day.  Crime, terrorism, the economy, foreign affairs, etc. and start trying to see who they could vote for.  Mostly, I believe that they don’t like the name-calling and mud-slinging of politics that much! I believe them to sometimes vote more based on how they feel about a Candidate than about what their stance is on issues; Does she look like a leader, talk like a leader, dress and carry herself like a leader?  I think they look at an Incumbent Candidate and say, “Am I better off now after his first 4 years than I was at the beginning, or worse off?  And they may vote solely based on that!  I believe they sometimes vote for someone because they are just tired of seeing the other party in office for such a long time!

So these are the people the Candidates for Public Office are trying to impress and have them vote for them. People who aren’t too far left or too far right, who are interested in what goes on in the world, but try to fit it into their busy schedules as they can, who don’t care for the messy side of politics, who just want a candidate who will say what they mean and do what they say.  They are just people who are trying to make it in life, raise their kids, do a good job at their job, go to school, give something back to their community all while making ends meet!