Sandyhook Elementary and More Gun Control…

Friends and Fellow Citizens!

It has begun; The SHAMELESS ASSAULT on your 1st and 2nd amendment rights by the Federal Government and the Obama Administration!

I say SHAMELESS ASSAULT for a myriad of reasons but mostly because the good people of Newtown, Connecticut have not even buried all the victims of last Friday’s Massacre and the Politicians are using their suffering and pain for their political gain!  These Politicians should all be bitch-slapped and kicked in the groin for being so callous and disrespectful!!!

I have been sitting on a “Slow-burn boil”, just kind of ‘simmering’ with anger, ever since last Friday.

Like all other caring and loving Human Beings, I was mortified that a young man  could do this to innocent adults and helpless and defenseless little children.  That is a given.

Unfortunately, I also know something about how the Anti-2nd Amendment Media Members work and that they would soon begin to spew their disdain for a FREE INDIVIDUAL’S Right of Protection from the Tyranny of Oppressive Governments and People’s “God-Given or Natural” (Not Government given, not Bureaucratically given, not Police given) right to protect oneself, their loved ones and their property.  And it didn’t take long…

Soledad O’Brien made an ASS-HAT out of herself, showing her Anti-2nd Amendment Bias, trying to argue with John Lott, Author of “More Guns, Less Violence” which is backed by 15 years of research and indisputable evidence.  Then, Piers Morgan goes on his “Idiot”  campaign, railing against America (And he is British), our love of guns and then a day or two later, the Christian Bible.  Then the President appoints Joe Biden, the Vice-President, to head up a Commission to study Gun Violence in our society and they are to report back to him within a month.  Who wants to bet me that this Commission will not come back with a recommendation to further restrict the Rights of Americans to own guns and defend themselves! I will bet they do…