Un-Affordable Care Act!!!


Look, I told people who were touting that everyone needed affordable insurance and that the evil Ins. Companies couldn’t give it to us in a fair and reasonable way and that only by having the Federal Government step in and MAKE them give everyone insurance would it work, that getting the Federal Gov’t involved in Healthcare Ins WOULD NOT REDUCE INSURANCE COSTS BUT WOULD ONLY CAUSE IT TO COST MORE AND MORE AND MORE!!!!

You people must be brain damn dead to think that ANYTHING, ANYTHING the Federal Government does will EVER IN A TRILLION GODDAMMED YEARS reduce costs of anything they get involved in!!!!

EVERY FREAKING Federal Gov’t program is a debacle at the very best!!! Soc Sec has been mismanaged and going broke for years now! Every Welfare program is a mess, trapping people in a bondage of perpetual misery, generation after generation! The Post Office is broke and has been for freaking forever! Our military pays 300 damn dollars for freakiing toilet seats and 600 dollars for hammers!!! How much more FUCKING STUPID do you have to be to let the Fed Gov’t run anything????????????

This O-care act was a boondoggle when it was proposed and had to be forced down our throats by changing the senate rules to go from requiring a 2/3rds majority to pass it to only having to have a 51 to 49 majority to pass it!!! Who does that to people??? O, Pelosi, Harry Reid and other lying, cheating, thieving, no good, sorry ass crooks in the O admin and congress, that’s who!!! And if all this didn’t persuade you this was a bad idea to adopt this damn thing, when O and Congress Opted out, not to be a part of the Act and subject to its Insurance Provisions, that should have told you how great it was and how bad you are gonna get screwed!!!

I will say it now, as I said before O-care passed and how bad it would be and how bad it would affect Americans and American Business, that Obama and his Admin, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, and Feinstein will be looked upon as the WORST, the Absolutely Horribly WORST people to EVER have any control over this country and will be blamed, when it is all said and done, for the destruction of what was left of the once great USA beginning in 2008!!! Mark my word By God you will see!!!