We’re in a mess…

We are in a mess!

I wish all people well, healthy and happy lives and I don’t want to see anybody hurting, sick, in danger of a serious health problem or even death. For sure, there are some difficult challenges ahead for America as we deal with proper, affordable healthcare for all, illegal immigration, a stagnant ~ at best ~ economy, the IRS targeting certain people and groups, the NSA spying on us Americans, continued trouble in the Middle East that always seems to somehow pull us into the row. As Marty Huggins says in “The Campaign” – Washington, it’s a mess!!! I might take that farther and say, “America, it’s a mess!!!”

We can argue for days, weeks and years about these issues, specifically healthcare and Insurance, and probably never get any closer to any real solutions or answers. I have good, civil discussions here on FB all the time about a plethora of these type issues and I don’t think any of us ever walk away convinced of anything different than when we went in to the discussion. Most of the rhetoric on FB usually turns into name-calling and hateful diatribe aimed at each other instead of a proper civil discourse about serious issues; I don’t know how that ever helps?

Personally, my brain hurts from thinking about these things, listening to it on the news and radio, trying to figure out who is right, who is wrong, what is good for everyone and America, what is bad, how is all this mess gonna affect my kids as they become young adults, where are we going, how we gonna get there???

Sometimes, I just unplug from it all for a few days, even a week or two, and just “Fahget about it!” Kinda like giving my brain a vacation! And ya know what, every time I plug back in to see what is going on in the world, it’s the same ol’ shit, different day, maybe in a slightly different place with a few different people; but mostly the same. I often tell others that it reminds me of watching a soap opera. Miss a week or two of a show and when you turn it on to watch it again, it’s the same ol’ stuff going on as when you last watched it, slightly different places, slightly different people, same ol’ shit going on.

I am a Libertarian. Not a Republican or a Democrat, a Libertarian. I believe that the Federal, State and Local Governments should leave me, and others, alone as much as possible. I want the bare minimum government services we can get by with. I don’t want them spying on me, lying to me, telling me who I can sleep with and who I can’t sleep with or marry, stealing from me, giving my money to other people or giving me things or other people’s money and I just really don’t want them bothering me! I don’t want to argue with you about my beliefs or what is right or wrong or good or bad on here right now. That is just where I am coming from when I do post or talk politics on here.

I also study and practice the Buddhist Philosophy and Teachings of Jesus Christ ~ Not of any church or denomination or of Paul or James or Peter, of Jesus the Christ ~ and try not to harm any sentient beings, loving all and helping those people and animals I can while spreading peace and joy wherever I may be. Again, I am not gonna argue with you about Jesus and Mohammed and Judaism verses Christianity, etc. Just when you see my posts on here, a lot of them will be from my Christian and Buddhist beliefs. If you like them, read them; if not, don’t!

I don’t have any answers. I got a lot of ideas and suggestions, but as you get older you find out things aren’t as black and white as you would like them to be. There are many shades of grey out there in our world that we find out we have to deal and live with as we age. Some things are mostly wrong and others kind of right, kind of a sin but not quite a virtue, mostly legal but not always moral, not really a lie and not always the truth, if you get my drift.

What I do see in America, and around the world, is not a problem of brain power, intelligence or technology; no, it is a problem with the HEART!  The world is plenty technologically advanced and smart enough to fix our physical, medical and technical problems. I see our problem as one where we have hardened our hearts toward one another, our planet and its needs!  Science and Technology have become our saviors instead of the tools they were meant to be to provide us with better and longer lives and more comfortable ones too. I am in no way against science, technology, mathematics, physics, etc. As a Biologist/Chemist degree graduate I more than understand their place in our lives. But, they are a poor substitute for love and compassion for one another and for living in peace and harmony with our fellow human beings!

I guess if I had some suggestions for us all it would start with loving everyone and just try to be nice! It doesn’t cost you any more to love your brother and sisters and be kind to them than it does to hate them and be mean to them!  Jesus the Christ said, “Love one another!” He didn’t say hate your neighbor and ridicule him or her! He went on to tell a parable of the Good Samaritan as an example of who your neighbor is. And guess what? It is everyone! Love everyone and then you don’t have to pick or choose who to love! And yeah, yeah, yeah I don’t wanna hear about does that mean we should love, forgive and be nice to rapist and murderers and Al-Queda and terrorists. You people are smart enough to know what I am talking about!

Then next, I guess it would be that we need to take Personal Responsibility for our selves and our own lives and not expect anyone else, or the government, to do it for us! Again, I am not talking about disabled people or the handicapped that need other people’s assistance to survive. I am talking about able-bodied Americans taking responsibility for what we do, when we do it, how we do it and were we do it! I think it would be fabulous if the President would read and apply this principle as blaming former President Bush and everyone else for mistakes he and his cronies make has worn very thin with me!

Finally, turn off the TV, unplug from your I-phone, I-pad, computer and FB for a time on a periodic basis and go do something with your kids, your parents, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, etc. Get outside and play some basketball, take a walk around the neighborhood, go to a play or concert, even just a club with some live music! Paint something, anything; it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just putting paint on a background can be very therapeutic! Throw around the football, draw with chalk on the sidewalk with the kids, take a hike out in the woods, go fishing, just get out of the house and get some fresh air for a change! I believe the more we get out and into the world, participate in it and get to know other people and the world we live in, the more compassion we may have for them and for this planet we all reside on!

If we could start here, with these simple suggestions, maybe we could start to clean up this mess!