Obama White House knowingly supplied arms to Al Quadai Rebels…

White House Knowingly Allowed Al Qaeda Arms Deal That Facilitated Benghazi Attack

Really, you mean to tell me that Zero and Co., Hillary and her tribe were SUPPLYING ARMS TO AL QUADAI REBELS IN LYBIA and also knew that the Benghazi Embassy could be attacked and who did it and why??? Surely you jest as we all KNOW that Zero and Co. always tell the truth, obey the law and are the most open and transparent administration ever! Right???


When you are at war with another Nation or designated group, what is it called when you AID AND SUPPORT the Enemy??? Anybody? Anybody?

How about TREASON!!! Yes Hillary, it does matter and you and Zero and anyone in the Government involved in these efforts and the salacious cover-up should be tried for Treason, executed and/or put in Jail until you die!!!

Can you all imagine what the Federal Government, the CIA, FBI and NSA would do to any of us American Citizens that were found to supply arms to Al Quadai Terrorist Rebels???

We would be tried for Treason, and either executed or put in jail for life! Don’t you think that punishment is just as good for our Government Officials that do the same!!!