RIP Ultimate Warrior and Nancy Grace is a Nitwit!!!

Just sad to hear! The Ultimate Warrior was always one of my favorites back in the 80’s and 90’s. One hell of a performer and wrestler too!

And I would just like to slap the dog shit, and that’s what it would be because she is just a bitch (Sorry if I offend any dogs or dog owner’s comparing her to a dog) for IMMEDIATELY jumping on the “steroids killed him” bandwagon and the man is not even cold from being dead yet!

Of course he used steroids, I think he even admitted it, but guess what, I’ll bet 5 or 6, maybe more, 56 year old men in America also died that day of something and it doesn’t make it any better or worse to them or their families what the fucking cause was, he died, tragically and we could at least wait a bit, maybe til after the funeral and we get an autopsy report before we go to sully his image as a great entertainer and a husband and a father!

Does anybody realize that over 2500 people die every day in America from PRESCRIPTION PILL (Mostly Opiates) usage??? Zero die every day from overdosing on pot and only a few, maybe 10 to 20, if even that many people, die every YEAR from conditions attributable to Anabolic Steroid use???

That’s right, pot and anabolic steroids are in the same classification of drugs as Opiates, Cocaine and Meth! Yeah, it’s fucking stupid is what it is!!!

Can we please just stop the insanity people and start focusing on the REAL PROBLEMS in our society and not on the things that are notoriously sensationalized by the Media, the Government and Big Business to influence our way of thinking!!! Why aren’t every CEO, COO, and the Board Members, etc. of the Pharmaceutical Companies on trial for all the overdose deaths their prescription pills have caused in America, and around the world, over the last 30 years???

2500 people die every damn day from prescription pills and it is no big deal in our eyes because we are spoon fed about the ills of Steroid Use by the Media and the Federal Government when a Professional Wrestler or Sports figure dies what we would consider prematurely and it gets everyone up in a big damn tizzy about how awful a person he was, how big a cheater he was etc.

Wake up people, get your head out of your asses, do some research on your own, this internet is a great learning tool ya know, and form your own damn ideas and opinions for once instead of believing what Nancy Grace or MSNBC or FOX NEWS or Bill Maher or Rush Limbaugh tell you to believe in!!! Then, maybe when the truth starts coming out, not just the propaganda the media, the Gov and Big Biz feed us, we can start to get this Nation working for the people and not just for the special interests!

Much Peace!